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built-in wine cabinet / undercounter / glass / glazed



  • Installation:

    built-in, undercounter

  • Material:


  • Options:

    glazed, electric, serving, 2 temperatures

  • Bottle capacity:

    51 unit


Wine cabinet, 2 temperatures, full glass (frameless) door, built-in and integrable, open bottle vacuum sealing system.
Thanks to its 2 separate compartments for bringing white wine (upper compartment) and red wine (lower compartment) to the correct serving temperature, this cabinet is ideal for serving wine. The temperature can be set from 6 - 11°C, for white wine, and 13 - 18°C, for red wine. It can also preserve an open bottle for up to 10 days thanks to the vacuum sealing system, built into the cabinet. This model forms part of Eurocave's Inspiration range: available in built-in or integrated versions, these wine cabinets have been especially designed to fit perfectly into your kitchen.

- Function: Serving
- Number of temperatures: 2 temperatures
- Size: Model M
- Door type: Full glass (frameless)

Fitted with sliding shelves with "Main du Sommelier" supports and 1 sliding serving shelf allowing to store opened bottles upright. You can store up to a maximum of 51 bottles.

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