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In order to meet all your requirements for designing and creating acoustic islands, Eurocoustic is expanding its Insula® range with the brand new Insula® 76A system.
With its sophisticated design, simplified connection and a new aluminum profile, Insula® 76A stands out as the aesthetically pleasing, durable suspending ceiling solution that is easy to install and maintain.

The Insula® 76A concept can be used to create island ceilings of all sizes.

Flexible, it consists of a frame made from aluminum edge profiles with a revamped design for more finesse and lightness, runners and cross tees.

Scalable, it adapts to different sizes and typologies of premises thanks to its profiles, available in long lengths that can be cut or already cut to size, making it possible to create islands from 1,200 to 3,600 mm.

Easy to install and fit, Insula® 76A is equipped with a new clip system for connecting edge profiles and new perforations on the runners to easily attach hangers and cross-lock hooks.

Finally, the new Insula® 76A concept is compatible with all types of Eurocoustic stone-wool tiles (Tonga®, Tonga® Ultra Clean, Tonga® Therm, Minerval®, Area®, Ermes®).

Island ceiling with frame has many benefits to offer. Its independent look makes it possible to create new volumes and spaces, and to delimit, individualize and highlight specific zones.
Its attractive and trendy frame opens up possibilities for playing with the tile colors, provides a neat finish and great stability to the island, in case of strong drafts.
In addition, the island ceiling with frame retains natural light, promotes air circulation in the room and combines direct and indirect acoustic absorption.