stone wool suspended ceiling / tile / acoustic / decorative
Offre Décorative - Decorative Solution



  • Material:

    stone wool

  • Configuration:


  • Technical characteristics:

    acoustic, decorative, insulating


Eurocoustic decorative solutions : Imagine your ceilings !

Draw your inspiration from the three creative families in the Eurocoustic range of decorative ceiling solutions :

• EUROCOLORS: a selection of 40 colors, ranging from the most classic tones to the trendiest shades, representing an infinite number of creative combinations and a stylish alternative to conventional white ceilings. You also have the option of choosing your own tone with the Custom Colors service: a real solution for creating unique spaces that truly embrace the building's personality.

• EURODESIGN: an array of contemporary, graphical and thought-provoking patterns with their own distinctive character that inspire a sense of escape and draw the occupants' gaze upwards.

•MYCONCEPT: the solution for fully personalized ceilings with the possibility of printing your own visual to produce a one-of-a-kind design.

With Eurocoustic, you can unleash the power of your imagination: choose from an extensive range of high-performance and sure-fire solutions to create the ceilings that you want!