steel ceiling suspension system / modular



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  • Length:

    Max.: 3,600 mm

    Min.: 600 mm


Corrosion-resistant ceiling system for demanding areas.

Developed to meet specific needs of demanding areas’, Eurocoustic has launched a new complete system for suspended ceilings. The Corro-Plus EF system is particularly adapted to specific premises with high level of air humidity or with a corrosive impact on materials.

Your ceilings performances partly depend on the environment in which it is installed. To make sure the grids steel does not deteriorate with time while ensuring the suspended ceiling’s stability, it is essential to choose the product adapted to the premise’s type and exposure to humidity, to its temperature variations and to any other corrosive factors.

To meet these needs, Corro-Plus EF range of products has been developed following criteria required by demanding humid environments. Every piece of the system is made of steel, covered with an organic protective layer, also covered with a layer of zinc.

According to the French Standard NF EN 13964, Corro-Plus Ef products are adapted to Class C (collective showers, laundromat, industrial premises with water steam emission…) or Class D (water parks, laundry, spa…) environments.

According to the European Standard NF EN ISO 12944, Corro-Plus EF grids are certified C4.
This Eurocoustic range of products is currently only sold in France.