electric heating stove / contemporary / central / steel



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The oval open Opti-Virtual® 360 degree fire has been developed to suit the current interior design trends. The design can be called striking without hesitation. This fire with precision laser technology is simply a true work of art. The special effect of the fire is beautiful, but the light effect of the fire is equally amazing. The light plays with the design and immediately produces a wonderful ambiance. The special fire effect of Opti-Virtual® deals with the rest. The atmosphere lighting can be switched on or off and produces a real 360-degree experience. The fire really does seem to radiate to all sides. In other words, a striking decorative element for your home. All the senses are stimulated, because your ears are enjoying the sounds of a crackling wood fire. Everything you need to have an optimum fire experience in your home! Finally, the fire uses the familiar “Plug & Play” principle. Electricity is enough to bring Opti-virtual® fully to life. The sound of a crackling fire is easy to switch on or off and the volume can be controlled too. Everything is easy to set and operate with the convenient remote control.