window canopy / for door / glass / steel
CLOCK by Roberto Volpe



  • Applications:

    for windows, for door

  • Material:

    glass, steel


The elegant design lines complement each feature: the glass is adjustable in 3 positions.

Faraone proposes this model as a combination of elegance and functionality. The stylization of the steel elements is combined with an easy installation and adjustment to the slope.
Unlike other models with braces, the canopy CLOCK can be placed even when there is not much space above the door.

. AISI 304 stainless steel structure with polished finish.
. Tempered and laminated glass, 6+6+1,52 PVB thickness.
. Capacity up to 130 kg/mq

. CLOCK 1. L 160 x H 120 cm.
. CLOCK 2. L 200 x H 120 cm.
. CLOCK 3. L 160 x H 150 cm.
. CLOCK 4. L. 200 x H 150 cm.