entrance canopy / glass / aluminum
LINEA by Nino Faraone



  • Applications:


  • Material:

    glass, aluminum


All-glass Canopy

Minimal in design highly integrated architecture. Linea System is canopy or shading.

•Aluminium structure (heavy) silver anodizing.
•Glass thickness 10+10+1,52 tempered and laminated, with all the accessories.
•Up to 200Kg load per square meter excluded the glasse’s weight.
•Also available with LEDs.

Linea System: have been specially designed to offer a complete integration of architecture and absolute transparency.

Linea is the ideal solution for architectural systems of various ages andstyle. Its design, unique and elegant, is suitable and can be used without problems and without being invasive. The architectural nature is intact.

Designer: Nino Faraone