public trash can / stainless steel / galvanized steel / recycling



  • Type:


  • Material...:

    stainless steel, galvanized steel

  • Options and accessories:

    recycling, contemporary


The Finbin® Wave series is a stylish recycling bin collection which fits for many surrounding: shopping malls, airports and terminals, fair grounds etc. Wave series has been designed for the collection of different waste fractions in public premises. The bins can be equipped with opening plates and customised labels to guide the recycling.
Wave series includes open top bins or the bins can be equipped with arched co­vers. The bins are available in materials suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Stan­dard colours are stainless steel body with metallic black top or body and top pow­der. The main lid is hinged which allows easy access for maintenance. Bins are equipped with pivoted bag frames.