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screw pile / metal

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screw pile / metal screw pile / metal


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FLI is a major designer and supplier of screwpiles in the UK. These steel foundations deliver many advantages over traditional large concrete bases.
Speed, with many complete installs of foundations and superstructures taking a single shift.
No excavation or spoil, saving money particularly on soft or contaminated ground.
No concrete so no curing time, enabling faster site commissioning.
Reduced footprint allows smaller bases in restricted areas.
Design flexibility as foundations can bridge existing services allowing structures to be built on congested sites.
Sustainability as screw piles are steel and at the end of the installation's life can be removed and either reused or recycled.
Installation less effected by low temperatures and wet conditions than concrete.
Cost effective solution in soft ground, where traditional piling is more expensive and concrete is technically unsuitable.
Capacity in both tension and compression providing an ideal solution where overturning moments are significant.
Minimal noise and vibration so working near existing buildings and in conservation areas is possible.
Screw piles were invented by the Irish engineer Alexander Mitchell for lighthouse supports in the 1830s. This original technology was versatile, relatively inexpensive, easy and fast. The same benefits assist modern day projects. Screw piles are a flexible, environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology providing solutions across many sectors.
FLI screwpiles are individually designed by our engineers to suit the ground conditions. The torques are recorded during installation to confirm that adequate capacity has been achieved.