aluminum gazebo / stainless steel / stone / for public spaces



  • Material:

    aluminum, stainless steel, stone

  • Market:

    for public spaces, for wellness center, for hotels


Focotto -PATENTED- is a space that welcomes you and draws you near, it listens and speaks, refreshes and warms those who live and breathe the great outdoors. An eight-sided island designs and describes a balance that goes on forever, an interval in the movement of time, a possible extension of sharing and dialogue, of the pleasure we reserve for moments of enjoyment and meditation. A new design uses contemporary language to tell of ancient customs, deep-rooted traditions and daily activities, concentrating the experiences, passions, desires, tastes and imagination of different humanities around a single focus. Focotto is a slightly open, discreet space built using eco-friendly materials. It blends in with natural and urban landscapes devoted to work or relaxation, to further enjoy any climate, spending time comfortably no matter the time.

Outdoor living, staying together and sitting around the fire, while taking refuge from the sun and rain are the basic needs that Focotto is meant to fulfil. They are embodied in a system consisting of chairs and a large umbrella designed inside an octagon, the symbol of mediation between the Earth and the Sky. The fire with its flame produces light and warmth to attract people as in a sacral act. The project started with a strong intent of sharing space and the feeling of being together at all seasons, all year round.