bathroom encaustic cement tile / living room / floor / square



  • Location:

    bathroom, living room

  • Installation:


  • Shape and sizes:


  • Motif:

    Victorian pattern

  • Finish:

    matte, polished, antique

  • Other characteristics:


  • Thickness:

    1.3 cm, 1.4 cm, 1.6 cm, 1.8 cm (0.5 in)


To experience the present with the desire to stop time, seeking a nostalgic, retro style to be reinvented and updated every time.
The MILLENNIUM line is dedicated to those who want to make their home a work of art to enjoy, for those seeking the minutest care for detail. Unique tiles, handcrafted products in Liberty style, the work of skilled hands of master artists who still craft their works following the techniques in vogue at the beginning of the century.