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gas hot air generator / diesel / industrial

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gas hot air generator / diesel / industrial gas hot air generator / diesel / industrial - XBL


  • Energy source:

    gas, diesel

  • Other characteristics:



The XBL hot air generators are units, fueled by gas or diesel fuel, for heating the air in direct exchange and suitable for various environments.
Connected to the air ducts of the XBL heaters are directly integrated to the system aeraulic (typical case of centralized / autonomous systems where you plan ducting hot air), or with individual and complete solutions in direct launch of 'hot air where XBL generators, fitted with an air distribution plenum, allowing the air heating and the direct release into the environment without any further intervention plant.
The environment / outside air drawn in by the fan assembly through the grille or the shooting channel is, if any, properly filtered in the filter section (optional) on the assembly and forced combustion chamber-fume exchanger where it is heated to the exchange effect heat with the combustion products. The hot air thus produced is directly distributed in the environment to be heated through the distribution plenum or appropriately channeled and distributed in the various environments.
An electrical control and management framework supervises all the functions performed by the generator. Safe operation is ensured by manual reset thermostats approved and properly calibrated.