laminated glass panel / tempered / safety / low-e



  • Type:

    laminated, tempered, safety, low-e, sun protection

  • Applications:

    for facade, roof, for steps, for flooring

  • Other characteristics:

    flat, UV-resistant, translucent


LAMINEX Laminates Glass is safety glass that is produced by combining two or more sheets of float glass with one or more plastic interlayers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), below heat and pressure.
The polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is a highly resistant and elastic polymer. In case of breaking the pieces of broken glass remain adhered to the PVB sheet preventing its release and fall, keeping the whole within the framework and without disrupting the lighting. Also in the case of the impact on people or objects, it acts as a protective and retaining barrier.
The advantages of LAMINEX are:
- Safety for people, acts as a protective barrier in case of breakage of glass,
theft and UV rays, filtering out a high percentage of ultraviolet rays.
Versatility of colors and thickness can be laminated with primary glass, tempered, reflective.
It is easy to install.

LAMINEX Laminated Glass combines the colors of the monolithic glass and the resistance of polyvinyl butyral. It can be applied on roofs, slanted facades, showcases, railings, flooring, glazed in general for public use areas, glass to neutralize theft, large windows and in general all kinds of glass subjected to risk of human impact. LAMINEX Laminated Glass cannot be drilled and therefore must be installed with marks on the perimeter frames.

LAMINEX Laminated Glass is available in 6.4, 8.4 and 10.4mm thickness, with bases of colorless crystals, bronze, gray and color combinations and special thicknesses as blue, green, gray, reflective, sandblasted, low-e, etc.