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concrete floor covering / for playgrounds / for public spaces / tile



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    for playgrounds, for public spaces

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The Concrete Hopscotch Game is suitable for use in different spaces and is adapted to be placed on any type of floor.

It can be played in open or closed spaces. It is important that we consider when deciding what type of game to use.

The outdoor concrete hopscotch game is used in schools, parks and gardens, as well as in different public or private, open or closed spaces for community use.

It is the ideal product to use in camping and recreation areas.

Due to the material with which it is manufactured, it is the most resistant Rayuela on the market. Therefore, it is also a product considered anti-vandalism.

Likewise, the micro concrete used in its manufacture is a highly resistant material against the action of sun, rain and any other adverse climatic factor.

This is how we trust in manufacturing the best Hopscotch in the market, with extreme hardness and resistance, adapting to the different needs of use.
Shape and measures of the Hopscotch Game:

Each game plate has a rectangular shape and the measurements of each game is apt to be stepped on.

Its length is 4.00 m, its width is 1.00 m.

Each plate measures 0.50 m by 0.50 m and approximately 4 cm thick.