video monitoring network control keypad / countertop



  • Use:

    for video monitoring networks

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GE Security's new KTD-405U combines multiplexer and Digiplex® system control in one unit.

An RS422/RS485 communication port makes it possible for the KTD-405U to operate DVMRe's, multiplexers and CyberDomes; select and switch video; initiate camera tours and select monitors. Programmable components include multiplexers, CyberDomes, CyberScout, matrix switchers and alarm interfaces.

The KTD-405U can be set to operate in one of three modes: discrete zone, transparent zone and standard Digiplex. In discrete and transparent zone modes, the system can be divided into 32 zones with up to 64 cameras in each zone. Multiplexers and matrix switchers can be used in these modes. In standard Digiplex mode, a matrix switcher is the system's primary switching device.

Other features include a three-axis joystick for exceptional pan/tilt precision in CyberDome applications, dedicated recorder operation keys and an RS232 programming port.

When alarm alerts occur, a built-in sounder alerts the user that attention is needed. The KTD-405U can stack up to 32 alarm requests in the order they were received. The first three alarm requests will be displayed and a reminder tone will sound every 15 seconds until all active alarms have been cleared from its queue. Authorized personnel may program the KTD-405U and other Digiplex or Calibur components through confidential access codes.

The KTD-405U features dark grey, ergonomic housing, rubberised buttons and a backlit liquid crystal display.