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surface-mounted light fixture / LED / linear / IP20



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    modular lighting system, wall washer, dimmable


The new GE LED Linear Wall Washer System provides an attractive, uniform light to highlight flat surfaces and accentuate textures. Available with a choice of optics to meet architectural lighting needs, it features a field-adjustable mounting for precise fixture angle. Key applications for this system include cove lighting, wall washing and wall grazing.

Cove Lighting
Evenly distributes light over the ceiling and the upper part of walls & ceiling. Typically mounted in a cove recess.

Wall Washing
Uniformly light vertical surfaces and hides imperfections on flat surfaces. These fixtures are typically mounted in a recess about a meter from the wall.

Wall Grazing
Heighten the architectural character of a space by highlighting and accenting textured surfaces. These fixtures are typically mounted less than 30cm from the wall in a slot or recess.

Features and benefits
Precise use of light output and eliminates socket shadows that is common when using fluorescent fixtures
0-10V dimmable (as low as 3%)
Consistent color with 3-step MacAdam ellipse color binning
Available in a variety of optics to optimize architectural designs
IP20, dry or damp location rated