entrance mat for public buildings / rubber / aluminum / dust control



  • Market:

    for public buildings

  • Material:

    rubber, aluminum

  • Options:

    dust control, with profiles, with brush


If traffic contacts the floor, the impact sound pressure level will immediately increase. Even a small discontinuity in the insulation can generate notable impact sound. All Top Clean entrance mats by Geggus E·M·S feature a continuous and highly efficient insulation to prevent impact sound.

Every component in our comprehensive range of systems comes with a sound-absorbing rubber profile.

Eager to improve our successful end-to-end solutions, Geggus E·M·S raises the bar for sound insulation. We have now included our efficient sound insulation in the slim scraper bars of the TOP CLEAN system. All combinations with brush strips, scraper bars, ribbed carpet and grooved rubber feature an efficient impact sound reduction due to the insulating rubber pad underneath. Thanks to its longevity and high sustainability, this technology is superior to foam material.