decentralized ventilation unit / heat-recovery / residential / for homes



  • Type:

    heat-recovery, decentralized

  • Sector:


  • Applications:

    for homes

  • Options:

    compact, remote-controlled

  • Air flow:

    Min.: 16 m³/h (565 ft³/h)

    Max.: 43 m³/h (1,518.5 ft³/h)


Compact, high-performance and extremely efficient.

Decentralised home ventilation without compromises
The getAir easyFan is a compact ventilation system with heat recovery. All that is needed to install it is a core-drilled hole through an outside wall. This represents a major advantage over conventional ventilation systems which work with ducts throughout the house. Installation is flexible and uncomplicated, making the easyFan suitable for retrofitting in the context of upgrading a house to modern energy-saving standards. On account of its modular design, maintenance and servicing require little effort. Once fitted, the easyFan helps you not only to save valuable heating energy, but also to keep follow-on costs in check.