aluminum suspended ceiling / panel / acoustic / wire



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    wire, perforated


Getz Integrated Ceiling System provides a better option with the LED Module integrated into the ceiling. With no additional suspension required, our Galaxy Metal Ceiling coupled with the lighting system uses the same runner/grid. Bringing you a blend of functionality and aesthetics.

CertaFlux LED Line Indoor | Liner Light System
The CertaFlux LED Line is a new and economic solution consisting of the linear white line LED modules with far surpasses traditional T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes. These cost effective systems come complete with the EBL drivers with optimizer a fast return on investment. The design complies with European Class 1 requirements for indoor lighting applications and customers can expect a return on their investment within 1.5 years.

Main Features
Energy efficient with attractive initial investment
Efficiency level surpasses T8 systems
High-quality white light
25,000 hours of system lifetime
Reliable linear LED system
Smart system with LED module and driver
Lumen levels up to 1550lm and 2200lm