video monitoring network control keypad / countertop



  • Use:

    for video monitoring networks

  • Installation:



System Management Console Pilot composed of the
single units Pilot/Center, Pilot/Joy and
Pilot/Jog, based on cutting edge technology for
operating most complex control scenarios in
networking security surveillance systems with
maximum ease of control. Pilot can be flush
mounted or can be used as a desktop device. All
single components can be arranged in any order to
build up the complete system utilizing a
sophisticated quick connect system. This allows to
realize a redundant power supply concept
optionally. Alternativly all single components can
be operated and arranged as desktop units. The
system is designed for providing maximum
operational comfort for left or right handed
users. Large hand rest zones offer relaxed and
ergonomic system operation. Selected materials and
the esthetically designed surface out of hardened
polycarbonate guarantee high durability and
easiest tendance. Well actuated touch buttons with
multi color back-illumination, the integrated
multi touch color display and free definable
function buttons allow the individual adaptation
to workflows as well as an intuitive operation.
Different user right profiles can be created to
comply with current data protection requirements.

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