shutter home automation system / for blinds / for interior / indoor



  • Product applications:

    for shutters, for blinds, for interior

  • Location:


  • Market:

    for domestic use


A convenient timing function can be incorporated into the automatic blind control system with the electronic blind controller 2. At the touch of a button, the times at which the blinds or roller shutters should be set in motion can be specified. If desired, the integrated Astro program will factor in the different sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. And when the home's occupants are away on holiday, the random generator controls the blinds at a different time each day.

The electronic blind controller 2 also allows a blind control system to be set up to manage central commands per floor or for the whole building. As a result, blinds can be moved individually or all simultaneously from a central point.

Settings and functions
Certain switching times are factory-preset for a quick start-up. A total of 9 UP and 9 DOWN switching times per day can be programmed within 3 program memory spaces. The Astro program, which factors in changing sunrise and sunset times, can reschedule the activation of the blinds by +/- 2 hours. When the random generator is used for times of absence, this becomes +/- 15 minutes. The switch to summer time or winter time is automatic.