security and access control software / for building automation systems



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    security and access control

  • Applications:

    for building automation systems


One tool for many applications: Gira Project Assistant GPA

In the electrical trade, it is a well-known fact that configuring the installed products is generally a complex matter, also because different start-up tools often need to be synchronised. It is doubly frustrating especially because many separately branded software tools not only eat away at your time and capacity, but also make calculating the programming workload more difficult. The Gira Project Assistant (GPA) now puts an end to this and provides master electricians with a single start-up tool that can handle a wide range of applications.

With the free updates for Light+Building, Gira is presenting two comprehensive innovations: besides the existing logic functions and visualisation features, it is now possible to start up the Gira door communication system and the new Gira security system Alarm Connect with the GPA.

The tool links the individual Gira systems together and scores points for user-friendliness across all phases of configuration. For master electricians, this means consistent and intuitive planning, configuration, simulation, documentation and maintenance for a multitude of devices. Building technology has never been easier or quicker to configure – and this is a major cost factor in intelligent building technology. The standardised programming also means that master electricians who are already using GPA will need minimal training. Once you've "learned" the GPA, you know all you need to know to place all the additional functions and devices into operation and link up the systems.