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High-tech undercover, Gira Tectiv 220°, colour aluminium
Gira Tectiv 220° is a motion detector that has it all: a state-of-the-art high-tech sensor system works reliably under cover of a watertight, shatter-proof dome made of IR-permeable, UV-resistant lens material. Its three-stage lens has excellent close-up, medium and long range detection and a mirror for rear field monitoring.

The sensitivity, switch-on duration and brightness level are set using a controller without any need for tools. Particularly convenient and precise: The current brightness level can be easily saved using the teach-in button.

Detection behaviour
A sharp eye at all levels: The moving, three-stage Tectiv lens with two high-quality infrared sensors differentiates by close-up, medium and long range. This ensures optimum detection quality at all levels. At an installation height of 2.4 m, the Tectiv 220° has a semi-circular detection field of 16 x 24 m in total, plus rear field monitoring. Faulty switching is prevented by ASIC and microprocessor-controlled signal analysis.