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humidistat humidistat - HYGROSTAT


The Gira Hygrostat regulates the humidity for a pleasant, healthy room climate. By counteracting a permanent increase in humidity, it helps prevent the damaging growth of mould.

The Gira Hygrostat detects the humidity content and temperature in the room with internal sensors. If the humidity exceeds the setpoint set on the rotary knob, the Gira Hygrostat switches on an externally connected fan to dehumidify the room. In the process, the device treats the setpoint dynamically, i.e. it takes the effect that warmer air can absorb more moisture than colder air into account within certain limits. For example, if the Gira Hygrostat measures a higher room temperature than the reference temperature of 21 °C, then it permits a correspondingly higher humidity. That avoids unnecessary ventilation and saves energy.