power socket / USB / wall-mounted / contemporary



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    power, USB

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For the first time, Gira is offering a USB power supply with two connectors for installation in the 58 mm flush-mounted device box, in the style of the switch range. The Gira USB power supply enables mobile devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players and the like to be charged directly at the USB power supply without an additional charger. With a charging current of up to 1400 mA or two times 700 mA, even power-hungry devices can be charged.
Areas of application
Whether mobile phone, MP3 player or digital camera, all devices have their own power supply unit. This means having an extensive collection of various power supply units. But many newer models can be supplied with power via a USB connection for charging the batteries. Only a suitable connection cable is required for this. Two connectors are always available with the Gira USB power supply. In this way two devices can be connected simultaneously. That's especially practical for example when shortly before going on a trip both the mobile phone and the camera need to be charged. Both devices only have to be connected with the Gira USB power supply via a USB cable.