patterned glass panel / for interior / for doors / with textile insert
LAMIMARTEX - Textil im Glas



  • Appearance:


  • Applications:

    for interior, for doors

  • Other characteristics:

    with textile insert, translucent


Embroidery from the strongholds of the Orient by the monks the art of embroidery to Europe. Embroidery is the most artful way to change textile surfaces with holes, stones, thread, yarn, sequins, acids, needles and scissors so that a new work of art. These thoughts and these Vorarlberg tradition took on the glass Marte designer and developed the new textile collection in the glass.

Materials and finishes characterize spaces. Look and feel are not specified in the design are open to diverse ways. The embroideries provide a highlighted materiality of the glass surfaces and give the glass a translucent and reflective at the same impression.

LAMIMARTEX sees itself as an exciting part of the field of architectural implementation options of glass and inspires creativity and new visions. So textile finds in the glass in the implementation again as a design partition, to decorative glass back wall in the bathroom and kitchen area, as Customized furniture or fine glass door panel.