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laminated glass panel / for facade / for windows / flat



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for facade, for windows

  • Other characteristics:

    flat, UV-resistant


It is a beautiful and cost-effective way to control sunlight without shades or blinds, so you can manage glare and heat while maintaining a connection to the outdoors.

This is why we say SageGlass isn’t designed for buildings, it’s designed for people. Once you experience SageGlass, you’ll never want to go back to traditional glass.

SageGlass controls the sunlight and heat that enter a building, significantly reducing energy consumption while improving people’s comfort and well-being. SageGlass can reduce a building’s cooling load by 20% and HVAC requirements up to 30%.

It is a smarter, more elegant solution than conventional sun controls such as mechanical window shades, blinds and louvres.