digital safe / free-standing / for hotel rooms
15": V2



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    for hotel rooms


Setting the standard for reliability and affordability, our Global v2 model safe is an ideal choice when high quality is needed and dependability is required.

Ruggedly designed and constructed to meet the most exacting tolerances, this safe is compact enough to fit in small hotel rooms and cramped closets, yet spacious enough to accommodate a 15” laptop, tablet, camera, purse and more.
The safe locks and unlocks with a user-set, 4-digit code and can be installed on our 12” floor bolted pedestal.
Global v2 Specifications

Height: 7 7/8″ / 220mm

Width: 17 1/8″ / 450mm

Depth: 14 3/8″ / 410mm (add 0.25″ for the keypad)