galvanized steel planter / square / rectangular / contemporary



  • Material:

    galvanized steel

  • Shape:

    square, rectangular

  • Style:


  • Market:

    for public spaces


Material thickness of galvanized planters standard 4 mm. First, the steel is degreased and then pickled (to remove all surface impurities). The degreasing generally takes place with a hot, strongly alkaline solution.

The steel is immersed in molten zinc at a temperature of around 450 ° C. The high temperature creates an alloy. After this process we finish our galvanized planters with a weathered old look.

- High resistance to wear
- Durable material
- Easily moved, planters are equipped with legs (100x100x90mm)
- Along the edges and points, where objects generally are particularly susceptible to corrosion, the zinc layer is thicker
- Rust does not occur
- Cathodic protection (scratches and minor damages do not result in rust)
- Hollow products are also internally covered by a layer of zinc
- Long-term corrosion resistant
- No after-treatment needed