indoor tile / wall / floor / porcelain stoneware



  • Location:

    for indoor use

  • Installation:

    wall, floor

  • Material:

    porcelain stoneware

  • Shape and sizes:

    rectangular, square

  • Motif:

    geometric pattern

  • Finish:


  • Appearance:

    marble look

  • Color:

    gray, black

  • Other characteristics:

    high-resistance, antibacterial, 100% recyclable

  • Thickness:

    11.7 mm


Grespania extends its range of porcelain inspired by semiprecious stones, which makes up its internationally successful Palace product line.

The design of the Port Laurent series is based on the stone of the same name, a material that has beenhighly valued since ancient times for its strength and beauty.

The Port Laurent series comes in two formats,59x119 cm and 78x78 cm, both rectified and treated with a delicate polishing process that gives the piece a purity of line and surface glow few firms can achieve.

The collection is complemented by a range of decorative pieces that can be used to form tile inlaysand to create distinct looks in different rooms. These decorative pieces are inspired by semiprecious stone marquetry, but this ancient craft is given a modern twist by paring down the design so that it blends perfectly with the serene feel of the base pieces. This process has given rise to the Fontenay and Liebana decorative ranges, in 78x78cm and 59x119 cm formats.

The Yuste and Yuso series of listello and taco tiles, in 10x59 cm, 10x119 cm and 10x10 cm formats, and in high-gloss black and white, are essential elements for creating elegant, distinctive spaces.

The Port Laurent series represents the type of major endeavour in design and production that only a company like Grespania, in constant pursuit of excellence, can undertake.