indoor tile / wall / floor / porcelain stoneware



  • Location:

    for indoor use

  • Installation:

    wall, floor

  • Material:

    porcelain stoneware

  • Shape and sizes:

    rectangular, square, large-format

  • Motif:

    nature pattern

  • Finish:

    polished, matte

  • Appearance:

    marble look

  • Color:

    gray, white, beige, black, brown

  • Other characteristics:

    high-resistance, antibacterial, 100% recyclable

  • Thickness:

    Max.: 10 mm

    Min.: 10 mm


Marble, a classic that gains in value with the passing of each season. The jewel of architecture and designthat never goes out of style. Beautiful and elegant, the Marmorea series of wall tiles is the perfect collection to create natural atmospheres, without sacrificing anything in the way of modernity, thanks to its original design.
The collection is available in 31.5x100 cm format. Regal and radiant, Marmorea includes two enchanting options that underline its singular finesse: Calacata and Paladio
This is a product with a remarkable range of possible uses and immense potential for interior design. Added to this are the decorative pieces, two alluring31.5x100 cm reliefs —Abaco, available in Calacata and Paladio; and Celosía, available in Calacata — which help to break away from the traditional wall tile mould.

In addition, the Danby decorative pieces in Calacata and Paladio versions, round out this collection that offers boundless possibilities and potential uses for any interior design project.