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    mechanical, electronic

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Aunique line of refined safes for those who value safety as well as unpretentious elegance. The colour, shape, type of locks (key locks, cipher locks, electric locks) and protections, finish and furnish of the interior are selected individually which guarantees a high level of product personalisation. Thus, our each product is as unique as our each Customer. If you want to be a member of the elite circle of those who own GRZENIA safes and do not worry about their valuable belongings, why don’t you join today?

A line of smaller safes available in various colours. The front is made of a thick glass plate which adds even more shine.

Certificate class S1 according to EN 14450**
Multilayer door
Body with rounded corners
Standard equipment: A lock with two double-driver keys;
Key certificate – VdS. cl. I
Anti-drilling protection
Internal hinges
Internal hinges
Door locking system with steel bolts**
Equipped with shelves of adjustable height (excluding MINIPRESTIGE/
Bottom lined with decorative material
Powder coating grey metallic as standard
Mounting holes in the bottom and anchor bolts as standard
** excluding INDIVIDUAL-MINI