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This spacer is made from fibre concrete with a 50 mm reinforcement grid, and is an ideal complement to the PENTAFLEX® ABS, A and AX shuttering elements, with either a rough or interlocking design. The concrete leakage and the associated loss of fines are kept to a minimum. It is capable of seating rod diameters of 6 to 14 mm and is available for concrete covers from 20 to 60 mm. This makes it ideal as an installation aid for steel-bar reinforcements.


No seepage from the construction joint
Saves time
Improved quality
Universally applicable
Facilitates self-inspection and acceptance of the reinforcement

The A-CV shuttering strip also serves as a gauge when using steel bars, eliminating the need to measure and mark a grid on the sub-base
The A-CV shuttering strip is used when laying longitudinal and transverse reinforcements for a range of concrete covers