fencing waterproofing system / steel



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    for fencing

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PENTAFLEX® FTS pre-break elements are part of the established and reliable PENTAFLEX® joint sealing system designed for the construction of water-impermeable concrete structures (white tank). They are used for creating target ruptures in element walls and are designed for sealing vertical joints in prefabricated constructions. The FTS pre-break elements comprise a seam sheet with the tried-and-tested PENTAFLEX® special coating as well as a galvanised steel sheet wing. The wing weakens the concrete cross-section and also allows the flashing to be attached. The joint formed is simultaneously secured against pressing as well as non-pressing water by the integrated sealing element.


Watertight to 5.0 bar (2.0 bar in accordance with abP approval)
Standardised line visualises the anchoring depth of 30 mm
CE-marked product
Quick and easy fitting of the elements on the prefabricated element formwork
Reliable creation of the shrinkage rupture
Resistant to all organic effluent
Simple and reliable connection to the PENTAFLEX KB® seam sheets

General supervisory test certificate
P-5120/231/09 MPA-BS
Galvanised steel sheet with special coating and standardised line
European Technical Assessment ETA-15/0003