polyethylene manhole



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The characteristic feature of the PENTAFLEX® polyethylene (PE) sump well is its ease of workability. The bottom fixing ring allows the lightweight component to be secured in order to prevent it from floating upwards during concreting. The inlets and outlets are freely selectable, which allows the planner a large degree of freedom. The peripheral water stop with tried-and-tested PENTAFLEX® coating ensures a water-impermeable bond with the base plate.


Cover with child lock, tested by TÜV (technical inspection authority in Germany) and MPA (institute for materials testing in Germany)
Easy and straightforward installation
Freely selectable inlets and outlets
Well with telescopic attachment
High chemical resistance

DN 400: Height of 500 or 800 mm, can be lengthened or shortened by 150 mm, cover load class A15 (permits up to 1.5 t of traffic)
DN 600: Height of 800 mm, can be lengthened or shortened by 150 mm, cover with a standard loading capacity of up to 0.2 t (permits up to 0.2 t of traffic)
PE well body
Water stop with PENTAFLEX® coating
Inlets and outlets from DN 50 to DN 160, freely selectable in position