wire interior fitting mesh / for facade / cladding / solar shading



  • Applications:

    for interior, for facade, cladding, solar shading

  • Material:

    stainless steel


Architectural Mesh LARGO-DESIGN

With the new mesh type LARGO-DESIGN, Haver & Boecker has created an architectural mesh that is highly customizable to the customer requirements. The stainless steel mesh essentially consists of lasered sheet metal profiles, which can be manufactured with a wide variety of geometries. With this individually designable stainless steel mesh many things are possible: varying designs within a continuous mesh element, integration into a standard wire mesh, use of colored materials, adjustment of the mesh opening, etc.. The LARGO-DESIGN mesh is primarily used for façade claddings, but it can also be used for wall claddings, partitions, etc.. Depending on the choice of mesh opening, the architectural mesh offers privacy and sun protection and provides good ventilation.

Material: stainless steel
Weight: approx. 4,6 kg/m²
Open area: approx. 53%

Main application: Facade, Wall, partition

• Customizable design
• Geometry and design freely selectable thanks to the applied laser technology
• Design options: Varying designs within a mesh element, integration into a standard mesh, use of colored materials, adjustment of the mesh opening
• suitable for interior and exterior applications

All architectural meshes are specially manufactured for each individual project. Each project has unique visual and technical requirements. We consider your requirements and assist in the selection of the most suitable architectural wire mesh specification and appropriate mounting system.

We will be delighted to advise you. From the first draft, to production and installation, through every step of your project.

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