expanded polystyrene core two-component insulation board / high-performance



  • Specifications:


  • Core material:

    expanded polystyrene core


are produced as butt or lap joint (as thermal sheathing board). Lap joint boards ensure minimizing thermal bridges. High performance at top level is obtained thanks to the channels on the plates by increasing the adherence quality of the adhesive and plaster.
Standard production density of the plates is 10 – 40 kg/m3.
It provides high heat insulation with low heat conductivity coefficient. (0,035 -0,040 )
It respires with high vapor permeability. (µ:20-40)
It’s ever-lasting. It continues to insulate as long as the building life.
It has high load bearing capacity. ( > 100 kPa )
B1 (DIN 4102), Euroclass E (EN 13501) class incombustible.
Its dimensional stability is full as it is produced with stabilized steel. It does not deform.
It does not lose its thickness, it stays the same.
It’s an eco-friendly material. It does not comprise CFC gases and their derivatives in its structure.
It is recyclable. It does not produce contaminating waste after production.
Boards are produced in accordance with EN 13163 standard.