dual-flow ventilation unit / centralized / heat-recovery / for apartments



  • Type:

    dual-flow, centralized, heat-recovery

  • Applications:

    for apartments


Compact unit with heat recovery
for central ventilation of houses
and apartments.
High efficient counter crossover]
heat exchanger with efficiency
of up to 90%. State-of-the-art
EC-motor technology for ex-
tremly low power consumption.

KWL EC 200 Eco
The economical solution for a
wide range of application with
an excellent cost/performance
■ Air filter
□ Supply of cleaned outside air
using a G4 filter. Superfine pol-
len filter (filter class F7) is also
available. Extract air passes
through a G4 filter before ente-
ring the heat exchanger.
■ Frost protection
□ An adjustable thermostat stops
the supply air in case of frost to
prevent the heat exchanger from
icing up.
■ Speed control
□ The speed control supplied, has
a 4-step operation switch which
can be mounted at a distance
up to 100 m. Power levels can
be chosen from 5 speeds
according to the air flow volume
(see diagram).
□ The operation switch can be
combined with a clock timer,
available as accessory.