metal railing / perforated sheet metal / indoor / for stairs



  • Material:


  • Configuration:

    perforated sheet metal

  • Location:


  • Applications:

    for stairs


With custom perforated infill panels from Hendrick Architectural Products, any aspect of a home, office, or business can be outfitted to give balconies, stairways, railings, ceiling panels, wall panels, and more, a touch of style for a sleek, modern look.

Hendrick specializes in fabricating custom perforated infill panels for architectural uses and projects. Architects frequently turn to us for the high level of precision and craftsmanship theyve come to expect from our engineers and fabricators.

Our ability to fabricate perforated infill panels according to architects designs, makes Hendrick a major provider of grille infill panels and other custom infill panels. We work with a large variety of metals and materials to perfectly suit architects needs and ensure we help them meet their goals. Our precision laser technology allows us to fashion custom infill panels with logos, graphics, lettering, or other unique designs to make panels stand out.

Take a look around our website and use our online tools to see how customizable our perforated panels can be. Our screens and panels come in profile bar and V-wire construction for added flexibility when designing and fabricating unique infill panels.