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aluminum door profile / security / thermally-insulated / acoustic
heroal D 92 UD



  • Material:


  • Technical characteristics:

    security, thermally-insulated, acoustic, burglar-proof, waterproof, wind-proof


The variable and efficient front door system

The heroal D 92 UD front door system is characterised by intuitive operation and adaptive design. The system offers a multitude of design options with its modular structure. The appearance and usage properties can be easily adapted to different capabilities or new user requirements. And this has no effect whatsoever on the outstanding performance features or functional operability.

Innovative reversible infill panel attachment and side section integration

With its heroal D 92 UD door system, heroal is providing innovative infill panel attachment for aluminium materials. This variant offers the possibility of fixing the prefabricated infill panel in the casement by means of joints. Due to the different possibilities provided by the heroal infill panel attachments, maximum casement leaf sizes can be manufactured. Processors are offered many benefits as the heroal D 92 UD door system can be extended thanks to a profile design for this type of infill panel attachment. Easy installation, even at the construction site, reversible for Design modifications and time-saving processing of the entire system are just a few aspects of the new design.