recessed floor light fixture / LED / linear / outdoor
BARRA by Hi Project



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    recessed floor

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Led Barra – Bar – is an extremely versatile and adaptable lighting solution, created in several versions in order to meet different needs. Depending on the variant, Barra can create mood lighting, creating scenarios with RGB lighting, enhance stone walls, providing visual comfort in studios, reading rooms, offices…

It can be used to illuminate any environment and may be placed indoors or outdoors.

Barra creates a Led lighting system really suitable for any environment and need, thanks to its versatility and countless customisation possibilities.
Led Barra comes in several versions: recessed T-bar: wall/ceiling/under shelving; clam bar: on-wall/ceiling or hanging; IP65 resin T-bar: recessed, wall/ceiling/floor; supporting bar: wall/ceiling; IP65 countertop shield bar; IP65 floor bar: recessed/floor support; IP65 driveway bar: recessed; recessed wire bar: wall/ceiling.

All Led bars are provided with their own bipolar cable.

Length on request. Sizes, finishes, installation and fastening systems, type of emission (single or double) vary depending on the chosen version.

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