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decorative paint / for roofs / for metal decorative paint / for roofs / for metal - ANTI-CONDENSATION FLEECE


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    for roofs

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    for metal


Trapezoidal profile sheets are ideal for single shell roof construction. Due to the lack of thermal insulation, condensation may occasionally form if the weather changes on the underside of the profile sheet (cooling of the sheet under the dew point). As a result, dripping condensate can cause moisture damage.

Hoesch® Trapezoidal Profile is therefore optionally available with an anti-condensation fleece, which acts as a condensate buffer and effectively prevents the condensate dripping.

The fleece used, a polyester needle fleece, has a light grey colour. The material is non-absorbent. The effect of the moisture retention, in contrast to other systems, is that the water is held temporarily in the spaces between the fibres until it evaporates, and therefore is prevented from dripping.

Moisture buffer:
This "holding effect" is necessary limited, therefore the moisture uptake also depends on the roof pitch and, with the fleece used by us, lies around 500 to 900 g/m².

The fleece is well suited for use in the agricultural sector and has good chemical resistance.
The fleece can be cleaned using a pressure washer.

Main areas of use:
Single shell, uninsulated roofs for grandstands, stadiums, agricultural buildings, covered parking for machines and vehicles, canopies, etc.