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    sliding and stacking

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Timber moveable wall system.

The SF75h Timber horizontal moveable wall system is manufactured using laminated engineered timber sections which increase strength and reduces the risk of twisting or warping, it also enables the minimal sightlines. Panels when closed form a solid union ensuring the very best in security, reliability, thermal efficiency.

All timber is sourced from sustainable forests: the standard timbers are Meranti (hardwood) and Nordic pine (knot free-softwood), while other timbers such as American White Oak are available by special order. The natural beauty of the wood is enhanced by Sunflex’s finishing techniques, resulting in the finished product being comparable to that of high quality furniture.

The SF75h HSW Timber can easily be integrated and will enhance any project, presenting unlimited space organising opportunities. The system is very suitable for commercial applications; from an office or a bank to a school, car showroom or a shopping mall.

Key features

No bottom track for seamless floor finish

Noise reduction and increased energy-saving

Wide variety of design options and a full complement of doors and windows to suit

Panels when opened can be stored in a separate parked position or stacking bay depending on individual requirements

Large surface openings can be opened quickly and easily

Low maintenance and fully guaranteed

Versatility in design

The System offers unrivalled flexibility in design, since the individual panels can be guided along a top rail to follow corners, curves or any irregular shape and can be used to create 100% clear openings as panels can be stacked into a separate parked position/bay depending on requirements.