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programmable thermostat / digital / wall-mounted / for underfloor heating
I-WARM 720



  • Type:

    programmable, digital

  • Installation:


  • Function:

    for underfloor heating


Different types – manual and programmable thermostat
Easy to use
Energy saving

Thermal controllers are purposed for automatic regulation of electrical heating systems and energy saving. They allow supplying voltage to heating sections only when it is necessary to maintain thermal comfort in a premise.

Programmable thermal controllers are intended for maintaining comfort temperature of warm floors in preset time intervals. The user only sets the time when comfort temperature is needed.

Thermal controllers automatically analyze the heat characteristics of the premise and turn the heating on so that the preset comfort temperature is achieved on time.

I-warm thermal controllers offer advantages with regard to use and adjustment. Almost all settings are performed by one button press.

A wide range of thermal controllers satisfies the demands of the users.