gasoline brush cutter / wire
28 L

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gasoline brush cutter / wire gasoline brush cutter / wire - 28 L


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IBEA has equipped its brushcutters with Active engines, a company that designs and manufactures engines according to the specific requirements of the product which they are destined. The true worth of any brush cutter lies in its gear head, where the cutting tools are mounted. Ibea gear heads are designed and produced with professionals in mind. Having catered for their undiscerning needs for over 50 years we know what they expect. The gear head must transmit the power of the engine to the cutter head with as little energy dispersion and heat generation as possible. Furthermore it must withstand considerable vibrations, blows and shocks. Ibea gear heads are equipped with 4 very high performance bearings to keep dirt and water out. The gear housing is secured with a double labyrinth seal that makes it even harder for grime and dust to penetrate within. The gear teeth are broader so as to offer a greater contact surface, reducing wear and improving performance.

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