PVC raised access floor support / recyclable / outdoor / adjustable
PRIME UP 10>25 mm



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the adjustable support measuring just 10 mm

Prime Up is the height-adjustable support, measuring just 10 mm that, thanks to the adjustment mechanism and the combination of 2 extensions, can reach 25 mm in height, obtaining a total excursion of 15 mm.

Prime up consists of a base with a 150 mm diameter, similar to that of the Mart series, featuring a tab fitted with the adjustment mechanism head. By holding the base and turning the tab, the height of the support can be changed from 10 to 15 mm.

The top of the head is fitted with a micro-head, which can be selected among those in the extensive Impertek range for Mart series supports, with specially designed wings for wooden decking flooring, stone tiles and ceramic flooring. Each micro-head is equipped with a coupling to ensure constant adjustment even with part of the flooring already laid.

Also, below the support base, up to two extensions measuring 5mm each can be added, thus increasing the height up to a total of 25 mm. In conjunction with the extensions, it is possible to use EasyFlat, the Impertek CP slope correctors, which can correct slopes up to 10%.

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