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Built-in Infrared heating panels are flat panels that can be easily mounted on the ceiling or wall. An infrared heating panel looks like a flat screen. It is an electric heater that operates from a wall outlet. The difference with traditional electric heating is that infrared heating are way more efficient and enjoyable in terms of energy consumption and warmth. Infrared panels are relatively new and have been gaining popularity in the last recent years. There are almost only advantages to this new form of heating.
Built-in Infrared heating panels come in different sizes. Each have their own specific characteristics, like power, energy consumption, etc.

An infrared heating panel can be easily built into the wall or in the ceiling, without using up to much space.
Each space can be operated separately. So you can make the panels work in the spaces when someone is present. If the room is empty then the use of unnecessary energy can be saved by turning the heating panel off.

Another example, a bathroom should always be a little warmer than the rest of your home. For this infrared panels are quite suitable. The warmth of the infralia panels is felt immediately and provides a pleasant feeling of warmth. A heating panel can be operated via a switch or even via a timer. If nobody uses the bathroom, the heating panel doest need to work.