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electric radiant panel / ceiling-mounted



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The wide range of Infralia models offers plenty of options for every interior. In addition to the standard models of wall or ceiling heating, there is also the option to personalize with your own visual motif, such as a photo, artwork or logo.

The possibilities are numerous, which means you can make your Infrared heating panel an eye-catching feature in your home, or make it so that no one would ever suspect that the lovely picture or the beautiful artwork also functions as a heating panel.

The panel is easily mounted to the wall or ceiling and can be connected to the electricity with a plug socket. Suppose you want to use the heating panel in another room then this can be quite easy. You can also change the coating film on the panel so you can completely redesign your heating panel.

Design Heating: not just a pretty picture

The different models combine functionality with design. For companies it can be a fun way to integrate their logo in their interior and boost their ecological reputation at the same time.

There can also be very practical solutions: a whiteboard in your kitchen or office can be a heating panel.