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Installux Aluminium's traditional Luciole® tubular conservatory is composed of a tubular-rafter roof and a structure integrating the thermal-comfort opening frames of the 50TH and 26TH range.


Installux Aluminium’s Luciole® tubular roof is composed of thermal-break tubular rafters, intermediate and ridge rafters. The infill elements are held by a pressure cap providing excellent thermal insulation.
The rafters may be reinforced in case of projects of large dimensions or located in regions with heavy snow or wind load.
The gutter is part of the pole plate and is available in two versions, with or without roller shutter box. Two models are proposed, one for a medium span, the other for a wide span, the latter with a higher capacity.

The gutter of the Luciole® tubular roof system is part of the pole plate. It accepts a high water level and has a high inertia allowing large-size installations.
The look and the finishings of the gutter have been designed with the greatest care. Three models of traditional or modern raisers give it the finishing touch.

Gutter for Roller Shutter
The gutter/pole plate of the Luciole® T-rafter roof system is also available in a version to incorporate a roller shutter box, allowing the conservatory to offer a complete blackout possibility providing absolute safety and solar protection.