square spiral staircase / metal frame / wooden steps / without risers



  • Type::

    square spiral

  • Structure:

    metal frame

  • Steps:

    wooden steps

  • Riser:

    without risers

  • Style:


  • Options:

    lateral stringer


Do you have a square or rectangular ceiling hole, and would like an alternative to the classic spiral staircases? Well, with Lerici Mini F1 this is possible, because this staircase let you have a larger passage than the usual spiral staircases. If you have not a stair yet, and you find yourself in the above described situation, you could carefully evaluate our proposition; while, if you already have a spiral stair and you want to change it, you could ask for a price offer to evaluate a substitution. Lerici Mini F1 is the best solution also in order to climb into lofts, and whenever there are space limits.

Standard product description: open staircase realized with laser cut steel mono structure full band, laterally fitted to the treads (wall side). The treads are in wood, and the stair railing is characterized by tubolar steel balusters and round section wooden handrail. The balusters are connected to the handrail through pvc inserts. The minimum necessary ceiling hole's dimensions are 1100 x 1100 mm.

As optional on can have extra balustrade on the arrival floor in order to protect the ceiling hole or the loft, and others according to the specific customer request.

If you want a different stair railing, you have only to ask to us, and we will analyse the possibilities and the costs.

Stair shape: the stair is available in shapes “I” (straight), "L", "U", and “S”.

Dimensions: Step from 180 to 200 – Riser from 160 to 260 mm – Stair width from 550 to 700 mm – Standard tread thickness 40 mm.

The woods basically employed are the laminated beech and the solid beech, but in optional on can have oak, brushed oak and others according to the specific customer requests.